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Cheating girlfriend put on blast after prom pictures with other dude come online

Written by Wamiq Ali

Someone need to put a piece of maturity into these high school kids, who think that if they aren’t getting married to their school prom, then the world is over. However I think everyone gets maturity at his own pace, but maturity is more like the product of experience and common sense.

This dude wrote the longest and emotional love story of all the times, and then, in the end, roasted his cheating girlfriend. He then pushed it online and a lot of people started cursing the dude for not being able to control his emotions and come up with something more like a man. However, there is one major plot twist in the story. We’re going to post his whole story instead of editing it.

The picture of two as symbol of love

These instructions which we have summarised from his post are for the other boyfriend so he knows what this girl actually wants from a relationship.

She loves playing with black-bear so you better let her play, if she wants to jam with you then you better do jam with her.

She isn’t the best cleaner, so whenever you get a chance, just clean her room and car.

She wants her coat to be hung on plastic hangers instead of metallic ones. Her shoes go on the shelf and her leggings just put them into the plastic drawer.

Redbull, she will love taking Redbull in your company and she loves to talk about surgery so in her free time if she shows you surgery videos on Facebook, just pretend to be interested. It will keep her happy. She likes psychology too, so you better listen to her when she talks about it.

She loves Florida and she is a Mexican so she loves toreros too. She loves MK bags and while she’ll be with you for shopping, just make sure you prefer what she likes, but don’t worry she likes Burger King more, she will more likely end up buying 3 cheese burgers.

She only likes to get burgers from the drive-thru and this is how she likes it, she loves pickle on her burgers. She also loves skinny stix pretzels but you’ve to scrap the salt of them, and that is how she likes it to be! 

In case of sandwich, she loves to put Turkey pickles miracle whip or lettuce. Her dog’s name is Ricky and make sure he gets to know you, because if he approves of you, then she thinks it as a good sign.

She thinks that she looks beautiful without makeup, but still, you’ll need to assure her of this, since she’ll say that she doesn’t look beautiful but deep inside she’ll be happy over your comments.

She calls dog, doggos and chicken, chickies, she has a lot of other nicknames for a lot of things. Just make sure you are well aware of these nicknames.

She has lots of guy friends too, and she tells me that they are like her brothers. But I’m not sure about this, so you better dig deep and find out the truth, and also be aware of them.

If she ever gets angry, just give her the burger kind and put up her favourite 70s show. She loves to cuddle and hate watching animated shows, she’ll fell asleep if you cuddle her on the bed.

Her best friend name is Danielle and she calls her D, so you better call her D too. If she asks you to get a drink, then you go to Sheetz and get her a freeze cola.

She takes long to get ready, so you better be patient whenever you two need to get somewhere.

She doesn’t have many female friends instead has a lot of guy friends. She’ll get angry if you talk about them, though she’ll need your shoulder to cry. She loves her grandma a lot. Take her to grandma’s grave and don’t forget to kiss on her forehead.

Rest, you’ve to learn on your own, but keep in mind she will betray you and cheat on you, no matter what you do, so never keep your guards down. She will cheat and lie even if she tells you that you are the one whom she loves.

The video which Zack Paulus, the main guy in this story, shared on Facebook has over 1.5M views.

The story turns around another guy Tim, to whom she was dating too, after having such a loyal relationship with Zack Paulus.

And the rest of conversation goes like below:

and the last part of the conversation:

She went to one of the dudes’ houses on the day of prom:

However, after he got all the attention, people started commenting on his Facebook profile, that all he wanted was to gain attention. But he responded, saying that he wanted that no other man might get cheated by her again. The people who were defending her were actually cheaters in their own life, so in a way, they were defending themselves.

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