CEO asks internet how to deal with two employees who leave work at 6pm daily

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Running a business is not an easy task and this CEO is facing something similar in nature. Thus he reaches out to the internet for seeking some help. This CEO complains that his two employees leave the work constantly at 6pm. Since the advent of the internet, there are different platforms designed with Q&A facilities. Yahoo Answers was one such platform. Recently, Quora was launched and this website also facilities its users to ask question and get an answer from the already signed up community. Thus, this boss decided to make an inquiry at this website.

He received quite negative answers in response to his inquiry. Almost everyone sided with the employees and suggested CEO to be a little friendly. One person quoted Richard Branson, “Look after your employees and they will look after your business.” Well, this guy is quite right, employees are humans and they also need love and protection. If someone is able to wield their love then the company can become successful. Once the heart of the employee is with the company then he feels happy to work towards its progress, after all the success for a company means a success for the employee. However, this happens only when the employer and employee relations are in tandem with each other.

Internet schools this CEO for treating his employees right

A lot of suggestions were given to this CEO, among them the top ones are selected to be shared. Many people might differ from these suggestions.

This one dude tried to give some sense to the CEO. He gave him a lesson about the personal space and family requirements. Hiring a guy for once doesn’t mean that he is about to do everything for the entire day. He wanted the CEO to get some empathy for the employees. He added in his message that since his job doesn’t hassle his routine thus he is quite more productive and everyone is happy.

Paul added that often employers want their workers to be 24/7 available on the smartphone. They fail to understand that there should be some balance in life otherwise things just start to fall apart. The guy added that the CEO should look at this own personality because most companies are a reflection of their top boss. He also suggested the CEO to look for the reasons who would want those workers to stop beyond 6pm and then arrange the environment and work life balance accordingly.

People shared their own experience in the comments

A few people shared their own experience in the comments regarding the work life balance. Ebbxior wrote that he was given a written warning on an old job when he didn’t answer his phone off the work hours. He said that at that stage he started to look for another job.

Another person, GeneralComments shared his opinion that once he came across a woman at work who was hired for 7h/day work but she was asked for 12, however everyone defended the employer instead of standing with the woman because of the economic crisis.

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