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CCTV shows Walgreens worker saves woman from sexual attack in bathroom, comes at right time

Written by Wamiq Ali

Bronx Walgreens employee saves a woman miraculously from a suspected sexual attack. He heard a woman screaming and the voice was coming from a bathroom. This angel man rescued the woman from a sexual attack.

The woman, 50-year-old, took a break from shopping as she had an urge to go to the bathroom. She went to the unisex bathroom just before 4 p.m. at the White Plains Road store, cops said. The woman got free of the bathroom and started to exit. As soon as she was exiting another man came and pushed her into the restroom. He covered her mouth with his hand and started an attempt to remove her clothes.

The man was later identified as Victor Augustus, 28-year-old, a homeless man. Police arrested the man for the lawless situation he created in an attempted sexual assault. The store is located in the Wakefield section of the Bronx. He has been charged with attempted rape, sex abuse, forcible touching, assault and harassment.

The employee heard the woman screaming and he pulled the man away from the victim. The man surely came like an angel. Police haven’t announced the identity of the employee who rescued the woman, but his act is worth praising. He for sure did a right act at the right time.

After the employee rescued the woman, the suspect fled northbound on White Plains road. The victim was taken at once to Jacobi hospital. What she went through is harmful both emotionally and physically.

Watch the CCTV footage below:

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