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CCTV footage shows a contented thief stealing from parked car with an instant karma twist

Written by Wamiq Ali

Karma is just about cause and effect. Even Newton was wise enough to device third law of motion keeping in view the force applied returns back in some form. The same law applies to everything in life, you work hard for something you get results in real-time. You push anything further you get that thing messed up in no time. All that is pretty much Karma.

Look at this thief, he was quite happy and chill when he tried to steal something from a parked car. Fortunate for him that it took him some minutes to take that thing out of the car. He grabbed his bicycle and with all the aura of happiness around him tried escaping the place.

However, seconds after a police van appeared from where thief panicked. He tried to escape the scene, but the officers had a petrol engine while the thief merely had his legs. Police bumped open the door into the thief, and poor thief fell off the bicycle. I think he must have received some injuries in the process.

Ignore that I added a scumbag hat

At moment we don’t know the source of the video, we tried to find the source but unfortunately, we failed miserably in the endeavour. It looked like England to me because of the vibes and environment. I might be wrong, so you can share the knowledge and expertise.

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