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CBS executive fired & under backlash for saying, “Las Vegas victims didn’t deserve sympathy”

CBS took action against its own executive after she wrote that her sympathies weren’t with the Las Vegas victims. She declared that on Facebook and since then she faced a lot of online backlashes. This can be a publicity stunt delivered to get into the better ranks of news reporting.

I’m actually not even sympathetic [because] country music fans often are Republican gun toters,” wrote Hayley Geftman-Gold, a former CBS executive. The Hill reported the entire statement on its news blog.

Recent reports suggest that at least 59 people were killed in the mass shooting case. More than 520 people were injured and the guy behind the entire incident was found dead in a building of the nearby hotel. The motives of the shooter aren’t yet clear.

A statement like this from a renowned press society is quite a derogatory remark. “This individual, who was with us for approximately one year, violated the standards of our company and is no longer an employee of CBS,” the press network released a statement on Monday.

Other employees were of the opinion that the statement of the fired executive isn’t in alignment with the entire CBS network. They further added that the views of the woman on social media were deeply unacceptable to all of them at CBS. All of the employees seemed to be in shock over such an inhumane statement of their ex-vice president.

If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing,” wrote Geftman-Gold on Social Media accompanying her above-reported statement.

The post quickly went viral and even caught up a trend on Twitter. She started to face a quick online backlash for denigrating the victims of Las Vegas mass shooting. Trump will be travelling to Las Vegas today.

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