Casting Halle Bailey as lead role in ‘The Little Mermaid’ re-make sparks controversy

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The internet has played its role in the globalisation. It has helped someone sitting in a far off place to remain in touch with the other guy who sits at quite a remote distance. Someone in Africa can easily talk with another guy sitting in Canada. This globalisation has in a way contributed towards the normalisation in relations of different races. The current generation has become more accepting to the people from different backgrounds. The same thing can be seen in the movies, recently Disney decided to star Halle Bailey in the lead role of The Little Mermaid re-make. The decision was welcomed in some circle as the people believed that this lead role selection would send a positive message to the African American girls; however, another section of the society just criticised this decision, calling it unfair.

This news has started a row on Twitter. Almost everyone is putting his two cents in an attempt to opine regarding the matter. Some people criticised Disney for being one-sided, as these people believed that Disney’s attempt to change the spirit of the character was not a right step. They say that Disney should remain true to Hans Christian Andersen. They believe that the original character should not be changed.

This story was originally written in 1837 by a Danish writer. It centres around a Little Mermaid which has a clear skin and delicate color of rose-leaf. The eyes of the mermaid are also told to be blue in the story. This young mermaid is shown to be having dreams of enjoying life on land rather than in the sea. 

Whereas some people being Danish wrote that Disney disappointed them by not carrying forward the original look of the mermaid as described by the original writer. @julikeTTV wrote that he wished Disney could stick to pale skin and red hairs since it was something related to his memory.

Well, Disney could have created another story and another character, instead of changing this one, since a lot of people are attaching their childhood memories with the character.

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