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“Cash me ousside” girl blasts Logan Paul’s apology for “Dead Body” video

Written by Wamiq Ali

A Youtuber has featured a dead body in one of his videos and released it on Youtube. He faced quite a lot of backlash for disrespecting a dead body. The dead body of the person who had committed suicide chose the forest as his place of death.  He must have been going through depression which made him take away his own life. The suicide prevention services are working day and night in an attempt to save anyone going to depression and anxiety.

The Youtuber issued an apology after he found that his audience was not enjoying the video in which he filmed a dead man hanging from a tree trunk. People took it as a way to disrespect the dead. “Cash me Ousside” girl as we all know doesn’t waste a moment to release any statement regarding any controversial happening especially in the USA. So, she took a strong notice of the mistake which this Youtuber committed and rejected his public apology.

She accused the Youtuber of showing least respect regarding the deceased person. She almost meant, “When you are talking about depression and anxiety then that is kind of okay but when you suddenly start laughing while talking some serious stuff, that means disrespect.

Danielle Bregoli giving comments on the controversial youtuber!

Danielle Bregoli thinks that Logan Paul must be ashamed of what he did in the forest and she isn’t ready to take his apology as something serious. She kinds of rejects his apology. To our surprise, TMZ reported the news like this,

We got the freshly-minted rapper Tuesday night at LAX and she took aim at Logan, calling him “disgusting” for first talking about depression as a fatal illness as a body hung from a tree in the background … then letting out a laugh.

TMZ called the little star Danielle Bregolli a rapper while the entire world is actually confused over his rap skills. This is not my personal opinion but a lot of people even in our fan base are not used to the idea of Danielle Bregoli as a rapper.

The video above shows the remarks of “Cash me ousside” girl regarding Logan Paul, the guy who uploaded the controversial video.

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