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“Cash me outside” girl tells Dr. Phil she “made him”

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Everyone knows about Danielle Bregoli, the girl who rose to fame because of this one show appearance she made with the Dr Phil. The Dr. Phil show tries to create something better out of the individuals who are facing some psychological or other issues. These individuals kind of go through counselling when they appear on the Dr Phil’s show. In one such show, Danielle Bregoli appeared and the world now knows her as Bhad Bhabie and Cash me outside girl. That one meme which was made on a phrase which she spoke during the show made her go viral.

Danielle Bregoli was re-invited on the show

A lot of people don’t know that the Cash me outside girl was re-invited on the show of Dr. Phil. Many people just don’t like her because of her strange accent. However, with the passage of time she has earned some fans and the second show just substantiated it as a fact. The entire show might not be much entertaining for people, however there are certain moments during the show in which Danielle Bregoli undermined Dr. Phil. The news of her statement regarding the Dr Phil’s popularity caught attention of the internet.

Dr. Phil asked about her viral fame/famy and she replied, “I made you just like how Oprah made you, You were nothing before I came on this show.” 

Twitter was quick to respond to this irony. The people on the social media started to share the clip while giving their negative feedback for the Danielle Bregoli. The opined that Danielle Bregoli dragged Dr. Phil to her own filth, something which the audience didn’t approved.

Similar responses were given by Twitter users regarding the Bregoli’s statement about Dr. Phil’s show. People were not expecting that someone could be so adamant about his success.

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