Cases of disease transfer from dogs to owners confirmed by Iowa state case

A Veterinarian from the Iowa state has confirmed cases of a disease which got transmitted from dogs to the humans. Canine Brucellosis is the disease name which gets transferred from the infected dogs to the humans or to other animals.

The disease started affecting dogs at a small dog commercial breeding facility. The institute is located in Marion County. The Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship explained in a statement that while the threat to humans is low but people like dog breeders, veterinary staff and anyone who comes in contact with the blood of the affected dog along with its fluids during the birthing process may be at a higher risk to contract the disease.

Another statement from the department warned the pet owners who have acquired a new small-breed dog from Marion Co. and suggested them to reach the department as soon as possible. The Iowa state in an effort to help the dog owners suggested that the owners who are involved in assisting the birth of the puppies must wear gloves and should not come in contact with the reproductive tissues of the dog.

‘AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport, Inc.’ has quarantined 32 dogs at an auction from a breeder. These dogs are being tested for any other infection. The shelter has been closed for the next 30 days. The shelter’s administration released an emotional statement and asked people to pray for the future of their dogs. The statement read as follows:

“This is just one more reason to ADOPT and not SHOP! Please pray for our sweet babies that were finally getting the chance to have a happy life.” The statement shows their commitment to the dogs as they want to rescue them as soon as possible.

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