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‘Cards Against Humanity Saves America’ sends $1000 checks to end wealth inequality

Written by Wamiq Ali

A guy who received $1000 check from the “Cards Against Humanity”, under their campaign “Saving America”, has uploaded the picture of the check along with the cards on the Social Media website, Reddit. The guy operating with the username, “Arbiter5154”, uploaded the image of the check with the following title:

A $1000 check has been sent to the 100 lowest earning people who subscribed to Cards Against Humanity Saves America. I just received mine.

Let’s get into more details of this matter. The company has already stirred a lot of American with their “Save America” campaign. The campaign made into the headlines when the company announced about hiring some lawyers to buy a piece of land on the Mexican border in order to scuttle the process of Trump’s Border-Wall.

The company thinks that the reality of saving America is beyond the Trump’s border-wall and the true meaning of it lies in the word, “Wealth Inequality“. Thus, in an attempt to diminish the wealth inequality prevalent worldwide, “Cards against humanity” took the first step in America.

Here are some crazy facts: Today, eight men own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of humanity (almost 4 billion people). Most Americans can’t come up with $400 in an emergency, and one in five American households have zero or negative wealth. – Cards Against Humanity wrote in a blog post on their website

Their official website released the stats, around 150k people signed up for Cards against Humanity and the company is distributing same money to most poor people. When these people signed up, they filled in surveys and other demographic information. Using that information the Cards against Humanity judged their financial status.

Status of their selected candidates for wealth distribution

Above everything, they uploaded the introduction of some of these check receivers. We’ll include one and the rest can be read here.

I’m just….astounded. I definitely try to stay positive and practice the law of attraction, and this was such a boost. I was definitely a little stressed because I was sick all summer (short term disability, in the hospital getting emergency blood transfusions, having surgery) and we were living on half our money with the same bill amounts. We burned through most of our savings and are trying to catch up. This helps so much and I hope we might just be able to catch up. – wrote Abigail from Indiana about their $1000 check campaign

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