Cardi B snatches own wig right into a concert crowd before begging it back in an Instagram post

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Cardi B is already well known because of her wig collection. Recently during a live show, she felt comfortable enough to take off her wig and later throw it into the sea of audience and spectators. She didn’t feel awkward at all, but later she created an Instagram post to ask her followers to DM her and give back her wig. She did all this while performing at Wireless Festival on Friday night. No one had expected that the actress would give up her wig in such a bizarre fashion.

Janet Jackon was in the audience when she witnessed Cardi B live, pulling off her wig and revealing her beige wig cap as she rolled on the floor. Cardi B according to the reports and The Metro, also went on the Twitter and told her fans that she got carried away; therefore, she’d like to get back her wig.

I GOT CARRIED AWAY …….I want my wig back:/ Dm me.

Well, obviously she is not going to get that wig back. Items like this easily make their way to the eBay, and people purchase such things because of their affiliation with the important personalities. Definitely, her wig now rests with any of her crazy fans.

In a unique moment, the famous singer removed her wig only to show her head covered with a wig cap. Later, she admitted that she had gotten carried away with the moment.

Many of her fans just loved her energy with which the performed that night and threw her wig to the crowd. One fan wrote on Twitter that hse would love to have the same amount of energy which Cardi B had when she threw her wig in the crowd.

Any wig-wearer might appreciate the Cardi B’s efforts in carrying her wig. In the past, one time she had removed her wig while she got into a fight, since then she never did the same. However, during this show, she didn’t care for any feelings of embarrassment, instead she got carried away by the whims of her emotions. Definitely, her hair stylist gives her wig more secure than our future, just saying.

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