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Cardi B shares her dark past, confesses she robbed men in past

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Cardi B has revealed her dark past. She has admitted that in the past she used to avenge her by robbing men. The statement of the popular star came when an old video of Instagram resurfaced on the internet. She said that she used to trick men into coming to her hotel room and later she robbed them of their valuables. The 26yo rapper posted this clarification on the Instagram while accepting that she did this in order to survive the day to day life. She wrote that a live which she did around 3 years back had resurfaced and she felt the need to clarify her stance regarding the video.

So I’m seeing on social media that a live I did 3 years ago has popped back up. A live where I talked about things I had to do in my past right or wrong that I felt I needed to go to make a living. I never claim to be perfect of come from a perfect world wit a perfect past I always speak my truth I always own my s***

She accepted that like a lot of hip hop artists she did things in the past. She accepted that she was never proud of her past because the things which she did were not right. The rapper said that she never felt the need to glorify her past unlike some other rappers who did mistakes in past and later glorified their mistakes. The rapper said that she made those choices in the past because she had no other options.

Whether or not they were poor choices at the time I did what I had to do to survive. The men I spoke about in my live were men that I dated that I was involve with men that were conscious willing and aware. I have a past that i can’t change we all do.

Cardi B in the past used to work at gentlemen’s club and she used to rob the men who were under-the-influence. The video which surfaced online contains a rant in which Cardi B claims out loud of using the men while drugging them. Cardi B had recorded this rant in the past when her competitors had trolled her if she deserved the fame which she got, after doing all the wrong things.

Cardi B claims that she had to work hard and never got anything on a plate. Once again she has admitted that she has done mistakes in past.

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