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Car Drives through 1,000 Feet of Freshly Poured Concrete on Minnesota Highway

Some laws are tough, the kind of laws which most of us have to abide or otherwise the consequences are way too much – For example, 99.9 percent of the people do not go out openly harming people because they know there are consequences both moral and legal. That being said there are some laws that are not effective because of low to no consequence at all. Avoiding the road signs is one of those. But what most of people forget is that these signs and laws are made for well-being of a society as a whole. This is the main reason one should never avoid construction signs or move cones to drive through a construction zone.

Now, this is the simple request of the Minnesota Department of Transportation, which shared a photo of a car’s tracks through 1,000 feet of freshly placed concrete. No details have been given by the department about the identification of the driver or whether any charges will be brought against him or her. But one thing that has been confirmed is that the driver was given a ticket and had an insurance claim.

This is why work zones are blocked with barricades, signs, cones, etc. Motorist drove 1000+ feet through fresh concrete yesterday,’ the Department posted Friday on a social media website. ‘Don’t make this costly mistake, never go around construction signs or move cones to enter work zone.

This is the season of construction and many constructions are going all over the state, be sure to check the sign installed on the roadside. The department was contacted to further comment on the report but they declined the request, however, we were able to get the details about the insurance claim. The damage that was caused by the drivers avoidance of the sign was somewhere around a $100,000.

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