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Cape Town’s Water Crisis, worst drought in century brings ‘Day Zero’ & halts life

While you are sitting and reading this article, Cape Town faces the worst drought in the history. For the last three years, not a single drop of rain has happened to Cape Town and the scientists call it the 628-year effect, as for once in 628 years this happens. The Day Zero from the destiny of Cape Town has arrived and the people are already following drastic measures to reduce the loss inflicted on them due to this unwanted water crisis.

The entire world looks at the Cape Town as it’s the first case for everyone to understand the dynamics of water shortage and its effect on nations. The researchers try to send ambivalent warnings to apprise people about the climate change and its diverse effect but still most people don’t take it seriously.

There are a lot of things to be learned from the water crisis management of Cape Town in these controversial times when they value each drop of water unlike the rest of the world.

In Cape Town, showers and bathing activities have been limited to 90 seconds, long queues of people waiting outside the water distribution points can be seen as an orderly way to work out their problems. The people have dramatically reduced their water usage. Tourists are also playing their part by reducing the use of fresh towels. People are using a cup of water to brush their teeth and laundry services are being limited, all these measures cut down a million litres of water. Isn’t it a nice thing? A lesson to be learned by all individuals sitting in any part of the world.

Water scarcity can hit any region, it can hit USA too at some point of the time, it can hit Asia, Europe or any region. Cape Town is a sort of example at the moment and the other regions and governments must prepare for such situations because facing any natural tragedy without preparation costs life. With preparation, most percentage of the unwanted situation can be turned benign. 

Theewaterskloof dam near Cape Town dried up! Credits: theatlantic

Cape Town is definitely popular for its wine farms and beguiling fruit orchards. The city restaurants enjoy a great deal of share of the fortune to these provisions. New York Times declared it as the best place to visit. The rains that used to fall during winter period are somehow angry with Cape Town. This has brought the worst drought in a century to the Cape Town.

Cape Town is also one of the unequal cities in the world like the rich people live in one part while the poor reside in the other, this shows the kind of discrimination which isn’t good for any society. These poor inhabitants are shunted to the comparatively slummy parts of Cape Town.

Day Zero is the day when the city is expected to run totally out of the water, well due to the countermeasures to fight the drought, the day zero has been extended till June 4. The high buildings and the amazing public structures might make anyone envy from the modern world municipalities.

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