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Canadians boycott American products and tourism to show their anger towards America

Written by Logical Men

Canadians are boycotting products manufactured in the United States and canceling their trips to America as well, they are doing so in support for their prime minister who is engaged in Trade-war with Trump.

They are boycotting major brands like Walmart, Starbucks, and Florida oranges; instead, they are consuming homemade brands.

This reaction came right after Trump said that he would punish people of Canada for Trudeau’s retaliation on Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum.

He caused a huge outrage when he called Trudeau ‘very weak and dishonest.’

Canadians started a campaign against American Products on Twitter:

Canadians started the movement of this boycott on Twitter. Popular hashtags have taken over Twitter, including #BuyCanadian, #BoycottUSProducts and #BoycottUSA.

No US Wine or bourbon. No US made cars or clothes or produce. No US holidays. I have traditionally contributed thousands to the US economy each year. Not until this guy is history. #BuyCanadian’ one wrote.

Another tweeted: ‘As a Canadian, I swear to not buy anything from America until Trump is out of office. Canada is the single largest purchaser of American goods. It’s time for Canadians to send a message. RT if you agree #BoycottUSA.

While another shared frustration by tweeting: ‘Told my husband last night I wouldn’t be joining him and a bunch of friends for a long weekend in the US this summer. I think I’d be physically sick just seeing the US flag at the border. My tourist dollars are staying the hell out the US. #BoycottUSProducts #boycottUSA

Trump proves himself like no other:

Trump is reshaping the geopolitics like no previous administration. However, the effects of these actions will be seen in years to come. His bizarre methods have made him favorite among many from far right.

This is the first time in history when such a move is taken against the nation’s top allies. Analysts are of the opinion that Trump wants to distinguish himself from the rest of the presidents. The moves like ending Trans-Pacific Partnership, Paris Climate Accord and UN Human Rights Commission membership are actually meant to distinguish Trump from his predecessor Obama.

Trump wants people to know that he is the one who kept “America First” policy at zenith.

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