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How you can: Use Google Calendar to Stay More Organized

Do you often find it hard to remember dates, days and months when signing cheque? Does it bother you to recall dates when you have to collect payments? Do you delay your study/work assignments just because you don’t remember deadlines? Are you not good in remembering everyone’s birthday which makes you unpopular among all family members? Don’t worry, those days are over, now with Google Calendar, you will be able to not only remember every one’s birthday but also be able to keep record of upcoming single as well as multiple events.

What is Google Calendar?

Google calendar is an application which has been designed by the same designer who created Google itself. It is type of traditional calendar which we all have in our desktops, laptops, but with a difference in terms of its functions and application. It helps one to view events weekly as well as monthly without waiting for the page (as in other traditional calendars) to upload. You will be able to add, delete and view various recorded events without turning pages or without waiting for pages to get loaded or re-loaded. In case user finds it hard to remember the name or nature of the event, Google calendar also makes it easy and is able to mention smaller as well as bigger events on the calendar.


Google calendar is though the sole property of its user; however you can share it with your friends and family. There can be multiple calendars which could be made, viewed and shared simultaneously. With the advent of Google calendar, Google has done away with the older version of online calendar app and search option. However you can now add in the calendar either by sending requests to friends or by adding the novel feature of Google.


The viewership of Google calendar is easy and approachable. You just have to have internet connection to view the calendar. Similarly as mentioned above, calendar can be shared as well as viewed with as many people as you want. In this era of information technology, there is no hassle of internet connection anywhere; therefore you don’t have to worry about remembering events, as they will remain just a click away.

Enjoying multiple calendars:

The best thing about keeping multiple calendars is customization. It will allow you to keep all events separate while maintaining originality of each event. It is also helpful if you put different colors for various events, this way it will be easy to differentiate leisure activities from business working.

Maintaining secrecy of your calendar:

It is essential that you keep your calendar at par from other public to see to ensure its confidentiality. To ensure secrecy of your calendar, make sure you don’t make it public on the web for unauthorized people to see. It is quite common that people search available public calendar and then make changes according to their choice. At times people avoid making any drastic change in the calendar which they find online rather safe it for their usage. If you don’t want your calendar to have this fate, then ensure its safe with you and not open to public.

Making data Backup:

In case you mistakenly lose any recorded event on the calendar, you will be able to restore the lost data. Though it is not that easy to go about it, but with little efforts, one can recover lost data from the calendar. For that reason what you can do it to create a backup of your data on some drive so in case of any problem, Google calendar will be able to get your lost data back. The procedure for making backup data is very simple, you just need to log in to Google calendar first and then click “setting”, setting option is right under the “My calendar” option. From settings, click “export calendar” option and then simply save the link in some drive or place where you normally store your files.

Restoring Lost Data:

In case you have established a backup, then in case of data lost, following steps can be useful for recovery:

• Go to “settings”, under the icon My Calendar

• Go for new calendar or create calendar option

• Give it a name and make new calendar, the new icon will be visible in the list now

• Again go to the settings and click import calendar option. This step is very important because you will be requiring to import the correct file i.e. ics. File and not the zip file

• Now import your new calendar and file will be imported from your backup file

• At the end just close the file Synchronizing Google calendar with Mobiles.

To have a Google calendar, you have to have a Google account. Second make sure to upload your calendar on the Google to synchronize calendar with different phones, for instance I-Phone, first of all see for instructions (on I-Phone), choose “English” language option and add Google calendar in your phone. You can set different colors accordingly.

What to do if you have in iPhone:

If you have an I-Phone and you intend to install and use calendar in your cell, then by simple procedure, you will be able to get calendar on your phone:-

1. Start by creating backup in your phone. To have a sound backup, ensure connecting your phone with iTunes

2. Once backup has been created, start navigation process. Follow flow settings to Mails, then Contacts, then to my Calendar to Add contact and finally to Gmail.

3. Next you will fill in details which require name, along with email account details like login and password, however company customized domain can also be used in case you are using Google own app.

4. Next step is verification, just check the link and click next.

5. Next synchronization process starts, it all depends upon the types and no of apps you want to load/safe in your phone, like Calendar or Mail. Choose the required icon from the list and select save option.

6. Once safe option has been selected, the required Calendar (Google Calendar) will be shown under the i-Phone calendar icon. However in case of multiple calendars, customization will be required which will be done to establish synchronization of i-phone with multiple calendar.

7. At any time, if you feel like deleting the calendar, just click on the settings icon and follow procedure.