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Can these three adult stars with raunchy claims against Trump take him down?

Written by Logical Men

America is talking about yet another possibility of impeachment of the President Donald J. Trump. So the question is that, could three adult stars and a Playboy model bring down trump?

Here is a background of the story:
Stormy Daniels was invited to dinner, when she went to her hotel room, she found Donald Trump dressed in pajamas. According to her claims, he was sitting on a sofa waiting for her. This happened in summer 2006, he was at a charity golf match. While back home in New York, his wife Melania Trump had given birth to Barron four months prior to the incident. Daniels says it was a consensual affair and the Whitehouse denies the whole claim. Many experts think that this scandal could prove to be very dangerous for Mr. President. But she is not the only Adult Star to make this sort of claims about Trump’s behavior in the past.

Stormy and Trump

Three other Adult Stars have come forward with their own claims of misconduct, which seems not so surprising at all. Karen McDougal also claimed that she had a nine-month-long affair with Donald Trump and her account was bought by National Enquirer for $150,000 and Trump’s close friend David Pecker buried it. The denial came from both Trump and Pecker. The claim is that the story was not published because it was not credible.

Karen McDougal

Another Star Miss McDougal sent an eight-page letter, which was obtained by the New York Times last month stated that she and Donald had intercourse. Later Donald tried to give her money, which she denied saying, “She is not that kind of a person.” Such event took place one month later too at Lake Tahoe golf tournament. It was denied by the Whitehouse, claiming it was an old fake news and Mr. President had no relationship with Miss McDougal. Jessica Drake, who starred with Stormy in several Adult movies, also claims about Donald’s misconduct with her.

Jessica Drake

She also claims that he tried to pay her off with $10,000. A spokesperson for Donald Trump denied this allegation. Alana Evans a model claims that she was called by Trump and Stormy to join them in their adventure in bed but she denied, saying she wasn’t attracted to him. These are not new claims, Trump has been involved in multiple claims of misconduct, and the legal experts say that this can lead him to impeachment.

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