Can a sitting President be charged with a crime and impeached?

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It’s an open discussion and personal opinion based on facts collected from numerous news sources, regarding the Justice Department Policy that Robert Mueller relied on. A letter in this regards also appeared in NewYork Times in which a few readers tried to discuss the matter. Once the redacted version of Mueller report was made public, several questions were raised and above everything, Trump declared himself innocent. One of the arguments which Mueller gave after the report went public made the public a little critical about his approach. That argument raised a question, Can a sitting president be charged with a crime?

Mueller had argued that he didn’t go ahead with indictment of the president as the Justice Department’s policy was against any such notion. This strong claim made Congress more important than ever.

In one letter, sent to New York Times, the reader argued that such a policy was not a provision of the Constitution of America or it wasn’t a law passed by Congress. The reader substantiated his claims based on United States v. Nixon and Clinton V. Jones case. The synopsis of the later case being, “The President does not have temporary immunity from civil damage litigations arising out of acts committed prior to his presidency.” Therefore, the arguments made by Mueller must be tested in a court of law. However, besides court, there is another alternative, impeachment of the president, but that is not possible because of the Republican controlled senate.

The above discussion about the letter, shows that Robert Mueller was wrong in stating that the Justice Department prevented him from starting indictment of Trump. Allan Gerson, the guy who served in the Office of Legal Counsel for matters relating to presidential authority of Ronald Reagan, claimed that his office opinions were mere recommendations and not judicial opinions. Therefore, he claimed that Mueller freedom couldn’t have been curbed down by the Justice Department policy.

So, the question remains, can president be impeached based on criminal proceedings?

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