California man captured licking door bell of a house for more than three hours

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Everyone is different compared to the other people and this is true in every sense. The understanding and upbringing of a person is linked towards the formation of his personality. The personality projected of a person is for the same reason different as compared to other people. However, there are certain behavior which can’t be explained and this news is about one such behaviour. This is beyond understanding when a person from California was recorded licking the doorbell for a continuous three hours.

Video: Man licking doorbell for three hours goes viral

An unknown man for California was spotted licking the doorbell of a house. He did this activity for continuous three hours. This man was reported by Police and they are in search of this man. This marks the begining of stupid complitations of year 2019. Roberto Arroyo, as the man was identified, was found doing this strange activity using a surveillance camera. This activity was performed on the door bell of the home owner Sylvia Dungan. The time at which this happened was 5am in the morning. This was quite early for a man to get involved in such a behavior.

The children of the owner were at home when this stranger arrived. The family of the house was alerted by the surveillance camera as it spotted some unusual movement at the door of the house. The man in addition to this activity was also found relieiving himself in the backyard of the house. The homeowner told KION that he had installed the doorbell just a month before. It was first experience of its kind that the homeowner saw someone doing such a disgusting thing with a doorbell. The man must be out of his senses.

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