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Caitlyn Jenner Seeks Legal Assistance from Elon Musk, Alleging Disney’s Removal from ‘The Kardashians

In a new twist of celebrity legal battles against Disney, Caitlyn Jenner, at the age of 74, has sought the assistance of Elon Musk and his legal team to pursue a lawsuit against Disney-owned Hulu for allegedly cutting her from the popular show, The Kardashians.

Responding to a tweet from Musk that offered legal support to those who felt discriminated against by Disney or its subsidiaries, Jenner expressed her grievance, stating, “Hulu (Disney subsidiary) never put me on my family’s show – I had been on since day 1- when it switched from E!”

As of now, there’s been no response from Musk or his team. This development comes on the heels of Elon Musk’s recent announcement of supporting former Disney actress Gina Carano in her legal battle against Disney and Lucasfilm.

Carano, known for her role as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, faced controversy and subsequent dismissal from the production due to her controversial social media posts in 2021. Now aligned with Musk and his legal team at X, Carano is aiming to prove that she was unfairly targeted for her opinions, which included divisive remarks on various topics.

Carano’s case involves claims of wrongful discharge and sexual discrimination against Disney, seeking $75,000 in damages and a court order to reinstate her on the show. The actress expressed her gratitude to Elon Musk and X, acknowledging their support in her fight for justice.

In a lengthy statement, Carano asserted that she was wrongfully targeted for her views and thanked Musk for providing financial aid in her legal battle. She detailed how Musk’s team, after reviewing the information she provided, believes wholeheartedly in her case and is prepared to move it forward.

As these high-profile cases unfold, the intersection of celebrities, legal battles, and corporate giants like Disney showcases the complex dynamics of standing up for one’s beliefs in the public eye. The support of Elon Musk adds an intriguing layer to these legal proceedings, emphasizing the ongoing struggle for fairness and justice in the entertainment industry.

Credits: The Guardian