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Cables from UK’s ambassador to US call Trump’s administration as ‘inept,’ ‘incompetent’

A diplomatic fiasco between the UK and USA has been created and it’s in its early phase. The cables sent from the UK’s ambassador to the US, back to the UK has revealed Trump being called as inept and incompetent. This has been confirmed by a UK government official and published by CNN on the 8th of July. The leak has caused some serious diplomatic trouble between the two world leading economies. Britain is already attempting to reach EU Withdrawal agreement in its parliament, and it can’t afford any diplomatic dispute with the USA, since after exiting the EU it would operate under WTO (World Trade Organisation) for its trade. Therefore, it would have to make new trade deals with the USA.

There is hardly any leak of such secretive talks between the ambassador of a country and the administration back at the country. Normally, such secretive talks are sent through separate channel so that the hosting country might not get the nature of the talks. Such a leak can cause diplomatic and political embarrassment. Kim Darroch, the ambassador, had worked hard in the past to develop good ties with the American president. Definitely, such ties would receive a dent.

It’s quite for the first time that any country from the First World (The global north) has called Trump inept and inefficient. In the past, North Korea had called Trump with different names to irritate him, Trump can also expect something like inept from North Korea, rather than from the UK. Darroch had used the secret cables to warn the UK government that Trump’s career would end in disgrace. Daily Mail reported that Darroch had called conflicts with the UK administration as knife-fights. A UK government source once interviewed by Daily Mail confirmed that those leaked cables were accurate.

Another memo, detailed the stance of Trump on Iran; when Trump was getting ready to do something using his military in Iran. The cable revealed that Trump decided to halt the operation because that would have resulted into 150 Iranians losing their life. Trump once asked by CNN, his response to the cables, he decided to give no comment. These cables have leaked at a strange time, the elections in the US are about to happen in months.

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