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Bus driver allows a monkey to take over the wheel putting passenger lives in danger

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The world is full of weird things and as this article is being read, there must be someone in world doing something stupid. This one thing which happened in India earned attention of a lot of people on the internet. OSHA is breached in this incident and it took place in Karnataka State in India. The bus driver ultimately got suspended after allowing a monkey to take the fate of bus passengers in hand.

This monkey came on board with another passenger. Normally pet animals are not allowed to travel in the public transport because of their safety unless proper measures are taken to keep the pets secured during the ride. The animal which came with a passenger was langur monkey which is normally found in Asia. It has a characteristic loud call.

The monkey was adamant not to sit anywhere in bus except the driving wheel of the driver. It must have seen someone driving buses before and that is why the animal wanted to have an experience of its own. The bus was being driven when the monkey decided to sit on the steering wheel of the driver. A few seconds later the driver allowed the monkey to take control of the bus steering. This was a potentially dangerous decision after which the fate of the bus passengers was in the hands of a monkey.

Vice reported the incident and according to it, when the animal took control of the bus, there was some heavy traffic on the road. The driver allowed the monkey to steer through the traffic. This was not only dangerous for the passengers but also for the incoming traffic. The Vice reported that the monkey didn’t crash into any car. It was surprising for everyone who saw the video on the internet.

The authorities investigating the matter were approached, they said, “The Divisional Controller of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) said that the department is looking into the incident because of the number of calls they were receiving, even though there were no complaints filed against the driver.

Surprisingly, no one made a formal complaint in police. Probably, it’s a usual affair for most people in India. ChannelNews Asia reported that the driver has been suspended.

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