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Bumblebee officially confirmed, would act as a reboot for Transformer series

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Transformer movies are something which are liked by almost everyone, as these movies help viewers take a ride to the future. The futuristic movie series includes some giant trucks and cars which would be right to be called as robo-cars. These vehicles get converted into robots, and in these robots there are two types of groups, one which is against humanity while the other which is in favor of the humanity. The series evolve through the oldest story, a war between good and evil. Bumblebee happens to be one robot in the transformer series which can convert itself to a fancy car or a robot. The yellow color robot holds both emotional and technical importance in the movie.

In a recent announcement made on Saturday, Hasbro on the New York Toy Fair 2019 said that the Bumblebee was going to happen. This would definitely serve as a reboot to the already present franchise of the Transformers. Initially when the news had broken out it was being anticipated that the movie would be a pre-requel or spin-off for the already released five parts. However, the recent announcement has proved that it is going to be a reboot for the series. The franchise producer looked happy with the new inclusion as he, Bonaventura, said that one of their objectives was to bring a new set of families to the movie series which after Bumblee announcement was finally done. He further added that the intentions of his team were to bring back the old audience along with the newer one. According to him Bumblebee would become a reason for bringing in newer audience for the franchise.

There are no anticipations that how the reboot of the Transformers would look like as Bonaventura has not confirmed. He added that he would also like to do film on the popular Optimus Prime. This is something more possible, all thanks to the Bumblee success.

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