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Bully beats up teenager explaining why he has a hard time making friends

Written by Wamiq Ali

We’ve reached a juncture where anything can get into the knowledge of general public in seconds. Talking about the global shrinkage of distance, the internet has paved the way for people to communicate with others sitting at a humungous distance. A few hours ago the video of a bully got uploaded and people are having some hard time digesting his rogue intention.

Two guys are having a conversation in the video, it seemed like some confrontation. One guy was definitely angry and didn’t flinch to pass on bellicose remarks. The other guy in black overall felt innocent and he tried to explain his situation, “No please explain, I really don’t know about the bad thing I did, no please explain.

The other guy lambasted the dude and accused him of exchanging hostile barbs. He was definitely a bully since the innocent guy tried his best to explain his stance.

Guy in black tries to explain his situation

The innocent guy tried to pour his heart out to the other guy who was angry with him over something. He kept on enchanting that he was alone and nobody gave a damn about him as he came from a fairly backward family. This video wades into murky place when the angry dude decides to get physical. He just punched the guy in black overall with all the might. This was wrong act filled with prejudice and bigotry. The kids must be made aware of a thing called as “Acceptance of Difference” and being “Patience.”

Watch the video: Viewer discretion is advised!

People left different comments on the video. “As a great community we have to do something about this if anyone knows his socials any sovial pls tell us so we can text him we talk to him and make him feel safe or not alone because after seeing this video im heartbroken and as a human being i feel like i have to something” – wrote [email protected]

“Who is that guy. If you or anyone have any idea let me know. We can’t let him kill himself that’s wrong. I mean we never know if he’s actually serious about killing himself but he needs a huge support.” – wrote [email protected]_cat

So, if anybody knows the guy in the video, please comment.

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