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[Video] British Grandma ‘blows’ away speeding drivers with hair dryer radar gun

A British grandmother of 4 has become an internet celebrity after she was found using her hairdryer to slow down speeding vehicles. The drivers passing through the street with speed took her hairdryer as a speed camera/radar gun and this made them reduce the speed to avoid a ticket.

Jean Brooks, 64, from Nottingham got more than 12 million views on the video which was made for BBC where she tricked fast drivers into believing her hairdryer as a speed camera. The neighbours claim that since she started using her hairdryer as a medium to reduce speed, they have actually observed a reduction in overspeeding vehicles.

I think this particular radar gun idea is quite indigenous.

Jean Brooks holding her own version of Radar Gun Credits: Cater News

In an interview with Nottingham Post, she told them that she came across this idea only after a family tragedy. She had made a cafe in her home lawn to raise some money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Then she observed some speeding vehicles on daily basis, passing by this main street of the area. There was also a school on this road. So, some friend of her told her about this hairdryer idea originally used in France. Then she started pointing her hair dryer at the speeding vehicles which got tricked into thinking it as a radar gun.

She further added that the ones using this street are like,

They come up on their scooters and quadbikes showing off to the sixth form girls, acting like a male bird of paradise. It’s all, ‘look no hands’ but it will soon be ‘look, no teeth.

She said that it’s a place where they live, their friends live, and if this isn’t going to be safe then what place on earth is going to be safe, for all.

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