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British beach evacuated after a massive Nazi sea mine was found

AN ACTIVE Nazi sea-mine has washed up at popular seaside resort near a Sussex beach – triggered a large-scale evacuation of the place.

Royal Navy’s bomb disposal experts were called in to check up on the deadly Nazi-Germany era WW2 which was spotted in water in Bognor Regis.

The huge bomb was about 6 feet long and is thought to have weighed over 1 tonne, it was found few meters away from a beach which is pre-eminently popular for sunbathing.

The bomb squad from Royal Navy issued a warning to the locals – said that the bomb would be towed out to the sea and destroyed by detonating.

The bomb was found on the sheltered beach near homes built for holidays and the bomb disposal squad finalized the plan to deal with it with maximum safety.

Beachgoers were ordered to evacuate the beach area and residents were told to stay inside and keep their windows open to minimise glass shatter risk.

After 70 years since the commencement of WWII the bomb ended up on the sands and pebbles near East Drive on Saturday evening.

A local resident said: ‘I had a firefighter knock on the door and told me not to go outside and to sleep at the back of my house until they deal with it.’

‘They said something about a controlled explosion being carried out later today (Sun) when the tide was back in.’

‘It’s amazing that these bombs are in the sea for decades and then all of a sudden end up on a beach.’

Local police and firefighters were on scene and apparently they were also in contact with the military to discuss how to dispose the bomb that washed up on the sea.

A spokesperson for the department said: ‘This is an ongoing incident please avoid Elmer Beach as the area is closed and a large cordon is in place with Police presence while E.O.D. (Royal Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team) are dealing with it.’

‘HM Coastguard is working with Sussex Police and a military explosives and ordnance team during the disposal of a WW2 sea mine discovered below the high water at Elmer Beach near Bognor.’

‘Coastguard rescue teams from Littlehampton and Selsey along with Sussex Police are operating a cordon around the area overnight and today in order to prevent danger to the public.’

‘HM Coastguard are broadcasting to vessels in the area to avoid the immediate vicinity of Elmer Beach while the operation to dispose of the sea mine continues. It is likely that the mine will be towed out to sea for detonation.’

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