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Bridezilla demands guests to wear dresses according to their weight

A Bridezilla has went viral on the internet and has become a talk of the town after her demand for the guests attending her wedding has been shared on the major news site including nypost. Obviously there is something wrong in her demand which made her earn the title bridezilla. This bride asked the guests to spend $1000 on their dress before coming to the wedding and dress according to their weight. This demand feels weird to anyone who might come across one such.

She drew quite an outrage on the social media when people came across her demand. She wrote in the post that the wedding was planned in Hawaii on an unnamed island, in 2019. She asked the guests to take part in “synchronised dancing.”

A screenshot of her demands which made everyone feel left out

The guests were not happy when these demands were shared by this bride through a detailed demand post. They thought that it was a joke and was meant to make fun of their participation.

The post starts with some greeting and then the bride gets right to the point. She started with a hey and soon writes about, “I’d like to announce a dress code for the wedding.

She then continues with the details of the dress code while giving a weight bracket for the intended guests. Which meant that the guests should weigh themselves before coming to the wedding in order to to get the dress as described in the post for following the dress code of wedding.

The post ends with a timeline and kiss emoji. The end reads, “You have a year and a half to get working, no excuses! Mwah!‘ This brought the ire of the guests, they couldn’t believe that someone just made fun of their weight. 

Social media responded with mixed emotions

Someone wrote that at least the guy intended to marry this bride knows the materialistic reality behind her emotions. Another person anticipated for the reasons of such a post.

Jenakin wrote that possibly the bride wanted to avoid inviting so many guests so this was her way to avoid all of the, he even anticipated some other reasons like she wanted to do some kind of experiments with the guests.

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