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Breaking: Kilogram has been redefined, what it means for daily life?

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A few days back, experts have voted unanimously to redefine the Kilogram. This is one historic move since 1889. The definition of the Kilogram has been changed for good. The vote took place at General Conference on Weights and Measures in Versailles, France. This new definition will be based on the fundamental constant, something which will never change in the universe or beyond.

What made them change the kilogram?

The kilogram is a physical cylinder which is present in the vault outside of Paris. This is named as Le Grand K. There are other samples of this prototype which are named K2, K3 etc. These weights are Platinum based. These copies slightly deteriorated with the passage of time. Thus in the world where accurate measurements are important, scientists decided to change the definition.

What is the new definition of kilogram?

The definition of kilogram is based on universal constant. The kilogram will not be defined by Planck Constant. Whereas, other base units like ampere, kelvin and mole would be tied to the electrical charges, Boltzmann constant and Avogadro constant. This new definition would be applicable from 20th may, 2019.

A few scientists were sceptical as they had some emotional attachment with the Grand K. However, this decision is for good because if the original sample of the kilogram gets stolen or its weight changes then the world can end up in turmoil because the exact weight of the kilogram would be lost. Scientists because of the growing involvement of weights in human life decided to tie up the kilogram to something constant. Plancks constant was the answer.

Look like this change is needed to be added in the science books of students.

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