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“Breaking Bad” house owners barricade property to stop pizza throwing incidents on roof

They say be famous and then it will be easy to earn respect and money. This “Breaking Bad” house which was aired on AMC four years ago is there to tell you a different story. The story closely inclines towards the stoic belief presented in the Marcus’s “The Meditations”. “The Vespasian city didn’t live long enough despite all the glories and fame and people who ran after money and fame are no longer with us to cherish those temporary radiant moments they had at that time.” – a moral of the materialistic approach as lambasted by Marcus Aurelius in a note to himself.

The “Breaking Bad” house owners are facing the same dilemma. The house had to rein in the oppressive activities of some tourists. Due to the famous AMC drama series, the house has become a famous place to visit the ventures of Mr White. The tourists were found to commit stupid acts like throwing pizzas on the roof of the house.

The owners of the house bothered from such activities recently tried to take things back in their hands by building a fence around the house. Tourists were found stealing the stones outside the house driveway. The owner of the house said in an interview that if people need a stone then they can visit a desert and find it for themselves.

The Albuquerque residence, receives more than 100 people a week. Vince Gilligan has been yelling at people to knock them off for years. People aren’t ready to leave the houses of Jesse Pinkman and Mr White alone.

Sometimes visiting people also demand the house owners to clear the driveway and some rooms of the house in order to take the perfect shot of their Mr White nostalgia with a camera.

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