How to break out of your Comfort Zone

The things we do in our everyday life become the part of our daily routine and gradually, we feel comfortable in doing all those things. Consequently, we continue doing such things without leaving our comfort zone. While there exist many other things that we never try due to certain reasons or perhaps because of the fact that we never get the chance to try them and with the passage of time, we become so reluctant in doing such things that we feel uncomfortable if we have to do something like that.

As we continue to follow our daily routine, we get bored after a certain period. This is because of repeating the same things again and again. In order to avoid such boredom, we need to try something new and exciting. We are required to take risks in order to make our life better and in doing so; we will have to step out of our comfort zone. This is a very good idea as it will enable us to analyze how well we can manage things apart from our daily routine. It will also help us in confidence building. Initially, we might make mistakes while trying new things because we have to leave our comfort zone in doing so but that would not make much difference. We would discover many new things through such mistakes. We can develop new habits by following the steps given bellow.

We should understand the truth about our habits:

We basically develop habits when we do something many times and get a positive and encouraging response. Such responses make us happy and encourage us to develop habits. However, if we stick to the same old habits, we would not be able to experience any change. We would not be able to learn something new and that will gradually make our life boring. Therefore, using the mind in a different way and looking at things from some other aspect are the only keys that will enable us to learn new things in our life and make it more interesting.

Take small challenges:

We should take small 30 days challenges. We should step out of our comfort zone and adopt a certain habit for thirty days and after thirty days, we would see very obvious changes. We would unconsciously make such habits, a part of our life and in the same way; we would also be able to get rid of our habits that we don’t like.

Do something different and see the results:

With the changing circumstances, the responses to the certain things are also changing. So it is not necessary that a successful habit of the past retains its usefulness. Things change and so does our responses. So in order to be successful, we should develop new habits according to our circumstances before the older one lose their usefulness. We should believe that there is no such thing as the comfort zone and we can do whatever we want to. We just need to be more determined. This would result in better habits and more learning.

 Analyze the habits that you developed:

We should take out sometime and analyze what habits we have developed. There are some things which we might be doing unconsciously. So discovering them is quite difficult. We can take help from someone else regarding this task. We can ask someone else to help us discover what we do unconsciously. Such habits develop unconsciously when we find something that we can easily do without leaving our comfort zone.

 Feel free to be yourself

Normally we try to become a person that others want to see without realizing who we actually are. When it comes to personality, we should try to present our true self. We should not try to be fake because it might lead to the worse consequences. Everyone is unique and different from others. We should keep ourselves first as no one except us is more interested in our life. No one would be responsible for our happiness except for us. So instead of impressing others, we should do things that enable us to be happy. Keeping ourselves first does not mean that we are not respecting others. It just means that we respect ourselves as well.

Slow down and let go

We usually tend to live within our comfort zones, following old habits and facing the situations in the same old ways. We think that our old worn out formulas would work even when the world and circumstances around us would change. This is not a good approach. We must let go our older ways of coping with the things and develop a new mindset in order to be more successful. This would obviously require us to leave our comfort zone initially but with the passage of time we would be more used to the new habits and thoughts. On the other hand, if we would not leave our old habits then this might lead us to sheer frustration and unhappiness.