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Brave Wisconsin Police Officer to Donate Kidney to 8-years-old Boy She Just Met!

Written by Wamiq Ali

Rock County’s Police officer is going beyond her oath to protect the civilians by offering a kidney donation to a child which she just met. Lindsey Bittorf the name of the police officer, came across this Facebook post of family, seeking kidney donation for their child. The child is 8 years of age and his name is Jackson Arneson. The family had a made a public plea on Facebook, seeking help. The officer was moved with the emotional post and thought to lend a hand.

Jackson, the child was born with a rear medical condition known as “Posterior Urethral Valves” and the family always knew that they are going to arrange a kidney transplant sooner or later. The mother’s Facebook post, seeking help had more than 1500 shares in no time. Goll (the mother) wrote on Facebook:

I always knew these days would come, it’s just so hard when they are here. I have reached out before, I am just trying again to see if we can find anyone out there that would be interested in being tested,

The successful kidney transplant is dependent upon certain antigens and blood type matching. Bittorf after reading the post got herself tested if she matches the criteria to donate the kidney to this young child. After some brief testing, they came to know that the Bittorf had three antigens matching while the blood type of same as the kid. Doctors were shocked to know that a complete stranger can match the criteria.

So, some days later the police officer surprised the family with the news of the antigens and blood match. The family was quite moved with the officer lending a hand and going beyond her oath to protect citizens life. In an interview with WISN Goll said:

We hugged a lot and we cried a lot, and it was just a pretty amazing moment.

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