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Brave nurse stops at Cop’s bullet-ridden car and saves his life

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Human beings are composed up of different emotions, these sentiments vary with time and are largely dependent on the circumstances. One such emotion is empathy, this specific friendly emotion arises after finding someone in need. This one nurse decided to stop around a bullet-ridden cop car. She was as a result able to save the life of the cop. This can be called as an act of bravery and empathy. Stopping near a bullet-ridden car is something which is unusual.

The nurse was on her way back home when she saw a car in troubled condition

Sherice Richardson, from North Carolina was on her way back home when she saw a cop car in a troubled condition. She knew that she had to stop and look into the trouble, her nursing instinct kicked-in. She neared the car and saw some bullet holes. She saw the state trooper in troubled condition. Daniel Harrell was inside the car and he needed some medical attention. She shared the story on social media, and made an update on Twitter.

The nurse immediately left her car and ran towards the police officer. Upon approaching the officer she found that he had been hit. The face and neck of the officer was injured. She stopped a passerby and asked him to put pressure on the neck of the injured policeman.

She spoke to the media and told them that when she stopped her car, she ran towards the officer who was bleeding. The officer was shouting, “I’m hit, I’m hit.” She had to help him. Sherice said that the situation was rather personal for her as, in the past, she saw her brother lying down on concrete floor in a similar situation. Therefore she had to take a decision. She stayed with the police officer until the emergency services arrived.

Daniel was then taken to the hospital and the first aid of the nurse saved his life.

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