Brave mother teaches Child Snatcher a lesson who tried abducting her daughter

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The most unique relationship in the world is of a mother and her child. The mother loves her child without any condition. She believes that her own child is the best in the world. This love is intrinsic in nature. There might be some exceptions but in most cases, mothers do love their children.

This incident features the love of a mother once she faced a thug trying to abduct her child. The lesson learned from this is to never come in between a mother and her child. She will do everything necessary to make sure the safety of her child.

A man in Taiwan found the importance of this love the harder way. He attempted to snatch a little girl from her mother. Luckily, the protective mother did what was necessary to be done. She held her daughter quickly and didn’t let go of her.

Unilad shared the video of the incident. The man who tried to abduct the girl has been identified as Chou. The CCTV footage was obtained. The mother was identified by her surname Wu. This happened in the Taiwanese capital city Taipei. Chou asserts that the incident happened because of the mistaken identity.

The guy spotted the mother and the daughter outside a restaurant. He mistook their identity, according to his statement. The guy can be seen taking out his arm to grab the kid in the video. The mother didn’t allow her child to be abducted by holding firmly.

The abductor had tried to grab the kid with her bag. The mother and the girl both screamed to get the attention of the surrounding people. The woman was soon approached to offer her help by the restaurant staff. According to the reports, Chou worked as a licensed safeguard in a nearby swimming pool but because of this matter of abduction he has been sacked.

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