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Bradley Cooper made surprise appearance at Lady Gaga’s Vegas show

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The pair made a surprise appearance during a live show and the credit of this goes to Bradley Cooper. They sang their song “Shallow” from the movie “A star is Born” on the Saturday night show. The audience was hypnotized after their surprise performance as they were not expecting Bradley Cooper. This made a special surprise for the fans of Lady Gaga as her co-star was fetched to the stage. Gaga along with this surprise had also been nominated for Oscar because of her role in the film which was directed by Cooper.

When Cooper had joined Gaga on stage, the audience was amused and the singer quipped, “I even got you in-ears!” Cooper jested. He further added that “Jackson never used” in-ears which was a reference he made to the movie, Star is Born. Cooper said a hello to Vegas as he joined Gaga, she continued to play piano while Cooper sat alongside her. It’s worth noting that Cooper and Gaga duet earned a nomination for Oscar. The surprise performance can be watched below which took away the heart of many fans.

This year the Oscars are highly anticipated because a number of popular movies have been selected for the voting. Most people would make a bet on Freddie Mercury feature movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” and would think that it would get an Oscar award. These awards would be exciting and full of entertainment. Black Panther also got nominated for the award and this means that there would be a tough competition between the movies for winning the Oscar. This award is most awaited among the producers and actors because this means an unprecedented respect and winning. Rami Malek also seems hopeful meanwhile there are other contenders of the Oscar which got nominated for the first time. Oh Btw, don’t miss the trailer of A Star is Born

You are obviously going to have some chills when Lady Gaga makes an entry to the live show during the trailer. She looks quite beautiful without makeup.

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