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Boyfriend’s reaction watching his prom ripping off her ‘FAKE EYELASHES’ is priceless

Epic video of a teen ripping off her fake eyelashes after prom has gone viral and the reason is her date’s reaction seeing her ripping off her eyelashes.

Amanda Zimmerman is a 17-year-old from East Brunswick, New Jersey. She Filmed he friend Kayleigh O’Kane Ripping off her eyelash extensions in front of Joe Petrocelli her boyfriend. Joe’s jaw dropped when he saw what Kayleigh was doing.

Amanda told NBC New York, ‘Kayleigh she was going to take off her fake eyelashes ‘so I wanted to record her and put it in the Snapchat story.’ Lucky everything went according to the plan. Joe reaction and timing was perfect.

After she posted the clip on Snapchat, Everyone told her that ‘this is something that would go viral’ on Twitter. The short footage shows Kayleigh ripping off her fake eyelashes one by one as her boyfriend joe gives her an incredulous look.

She doesn’t post that often on Twitter, Amanda decided to share the short clip on Saturday, June, and Slowly, the video went viral.
In a period of about a week, the video got 66,000 retweets and 130,000 likes, and many were extremely entertained by the ‘look of horror’ on Joe’s face.

‘Naive much?’ one person commented while another teen could relate with Kayleigh.

‘This was literally me on prom night I’m screaming,’ she wrote.

Others thought Joe’s reaction was simply adorable.

‘My favourite part is his reaction means he didn’t know her lashes were fake, which is, all things considered, precious, writer Brook Rogers tweeted.

‘His reaction is the most charmingly heterosexual thing I’ve ever seen a straight man do,’ health columnist Daniel Summers added.

Amanda said to NBC New York the situation is relatable to girls who have been in a similar event, as well as guys like Joe who don’t understand various beauty products girls uses for formal events.

Watch the video and Enjoy!

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