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Boy wins eating ’25 laxative brownies challenge’ & ends up in emergency cos of swear kidney damage

A young boy eats 25 laxative brownies as a challenge and soon after the consumption ends up in the emergency room of a hospital in a very critical condition. The boy named BG had challenged his friends to eat 10 laxative brownies within 15 minutes. The first two friends to visit the bathroom after eating laxative brownies would wear a tutu in the school the next day. The talk would have ended up in gossips but the older brother of BG named Nate contributed to buy some laxatives at a medical store.

The sister of the boy agreed to bake the brownies while mixing them with the laxative medicine. Each brownie had around two laxative tablets, a safe dosage in 24 hours for an adult human being. These kids had to eat 10 brownies each, soon after the consumption of some brownies the first kid felt the urge to defecate. He couldn’t resist the urge so he visited bathroom quickly.

Some of the other kids also felt the same. While the first kid went to the bathroom, BG had already eaten 10 brownies. He ate 5 more brownies while laughing at the first kid. Another boy left for the bathroom and BG this time ate 10 more brownies, which makes the total number of eaten brownies to be 25.

After some time the first two boys, who had left for the bathroom, were feeling great. The other kids weren’t feeling quite well. Above all BG, who had eaten 25 brownies, was feeling the worst among all. He had visited bathroom 8 times and the last time he went to the bathroom he was found unconscious. His muscles weren’t responding and he felt swear pain in his head.

The others got concerned and quickly called emergency services to respond to the boy. He was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with deficiency of potassium and dehydration. His urine also started to look like coffee. Potassium and sodium signal the body for muscle contraction & relaxation. The laxatives actually contract your muscles to promote the bowel movements. This led to the irregular heartbeats since the heart is also made of muscles. Irregularity in heartbeats led to the reduced amount of oxygen for the brain which caused consciousness and unconsciousness.

Water has a tendency for sodium, a natural affinity. So, increased sodium in muscles made the water from the entire body to enter the muscles in BG. The kidneys as a response started to shrink just in order to save water.

So, the solution was to give potassium and also regular injections of water in the BG’s blood. BG being young was saved from the calamity. Watch this video below to understand more details:

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