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Boy playing with gun shoots toddler sister dead before turning firearm on himself

Written by Wamiq Ali

Children must always be kept away from guns because they are not aware of their self-safety and they must be taught basics of weapons in a way that they must practice caution while being in a close vicinity to firearms. This 11-year-old boy was playing with his dad’s gun while he accidentally shot his 2 years old sister and following the accident he turned the firearm towards himself and released further shots.

The boy died immediately as soon as he committed the blunder without knowing the repercussions, his sister was however taken to the hospital immediately but she also died later as injuries were gruesome.

According to the authorities, the firing weapon was licensed to the boy’s father and the incident happened last night. The police said that the boy got terrified when he looked at his sister after releasing the shots so in that embarrassment he turned the firearm towards himself and pressed the trigger once more.

The police have warned all the license holders of ammunition to abide by the Firearm Control Act because the weapon possession is something which also includes safeguard of the weapon according to the prevalent laws. The police are investigating the shocking incident and they are gathering further details in order to avoid such a happening in the future. The South African police released the following statement on the Facebook page

KwaZulu-Natal: Siblings die after playing with firearm.
Empangeni police are investigating a case of murder and an inquest. It is alleged that on 3 February 2018 at 23:50, a 11-year-old boy was playing with his father’s licensed firearm when a shot went off and struck his two-year-old sister. The victim was taken to hospital for medical attention where she later died. The brother allegedly turned the gun on himself after seeing what had happened to his sister. We urge all licensed firearm owners to ensure that they do not violate the Firearms Control Act by failing to safeguard their firearms because it amounts to criminal act. Contravening the act may lead to unnecessary deaths and violators may face harsh prosecutions.

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