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Boy born with 2% of brain defies the odds and survives to live, grows back his brain

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Nature is quite strange and welcoming at the same time. The diversity in nature has helped humans learn the new avenues and methods of doing things. The progress in sciences was made once humans started to look closer into these diverse phenomena of the nature. Their urge to understand the laws behind these natural processes helped them make some great discoveries. Often there are certain things which feel weird in the first outlook but later feel to be friendly because of the basic understanding achieved through research about that particular thing. Biomedical sciences have grown because of the years of human input in this matter, however certain times there are unique cases which often defy the historical patterns in the biological development of humans. This case is one of those cases, as a kid was born with just 2% of the brains and later he grew his brain and survived. The doctors were sure that the kid wouldn’t survive.

A British boy who was born with 2% of his brain is now a happy six years old kid. He grew back his brain. The parents, Shelley and Rob Wall, were advised by doctors to terminate their pregnancy. The parents in an interview to The Sun said that many doctors believed that the boy would have no brain at all because it hadn’t developed any. However, the parents decided to go against the advice and incredibly the kid born grew back his 80 percent of the brain when he became 3 years old. This was an amazing thing. Now, doctors believe that Noah brain had been squashed into small space, later when he had a shunt fitted, his brain got back to the normal space.

This kid appeared on the Good Morning Britain show in order to share his story and ordeal. Even if his brain had been so squashed up, he’d be severely mentally disabled because of all that damage and look at him — he’s as bright as a button, said the father of Noah. The parents said that since they were older parents therefore they couldn’t listen much to the doctors. He said that younger parents would have gone for the advice. Noah was taken to the brain development center in Australia. Noah learned how to sit up unaided and even manage to go surfing. Right now, Noah wants to learn surfing. Noah has been going under a neurophysics treatment.

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