Bohemian Rhapsody sequel is being discussed by Queen

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The movie Bohemian Rhapsody earned quite a lot of popularity just because it featured the life story of Freedie Mercury. The singer Freddie still rules the hearts of many people. This movie was not only about Freddie Mercury but it also showed the audience the awesome acting skills of Rami Malek. He got oscar for best acting and this made everyone of his fan quite satisfied. There are rumours that the seuquel of Bohemian Rhapsody would happen. However these rumors are not yet confirmed but these are enough to make any of the Rami Malek fan quite excited. The person who gave air to these rumors is the former video director of Queen and Bathurst happened to be a close friend to Freddie Mercury. According to the sources Rudi Dolezal has told Page Six that a sequel to the hit movie is under the discussion. Rudi claimed that he’s sure about the Queen’s manager Jim Beach planning to make a sequel of the movie.

According to the statistics the movie which was produced by Beach earned more than $870 million world wide. It’s also worth mentioning that the biopic was able to earn four oscars last month. Queen’s Brown May as reported by various news sites quipped famously that who knows there might be a sequel to the Movie. However he admitted that Live Aid was the perfect place to leave the story. There are other Queen related films which are confirmed for production like Freddie Mercury: In his own words and The show must go on: The Queen and Adam Lambert story as this will air on ABC in April. Those who don’t know Dolezal is also working on a book titled My Friend, Freddie.

Well, what so ever happens to the sequel, it shouldn’t be a botched up product. The sequel must live on the expectations of the audience.

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