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BMW has recalled more than 1 million cars because of this defect in exhaust

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People who have a head for cars know everything about the working mechanisms and details of engine components. This story is aimed for such people as it’s related to BMW. The German famous car maker BMW faces a unique decision of recalling more than 1 million units from around the globe. It has finally made the decision and the target is to bring back 1 million diesel cars. A problem was identified in these cars and for reasons BMW has decided to call back all the units.

The problem was spotted in the exhaust system. It was found that under extreme conditions the exhaust could cause fire. The problem was found in the exhaust gas recirculation cooler. In some diesel vehicles according to the company the glycol cooling fluid could leak. This liquid can become a cause of fire once it mixes with other substances. Thus, these 1 million units were decided to be called back. These units will be called back, the exhaust system will be checked to mitigate the danger of fire.

This is not the first time. BMW is quite committed to the customer satisfaction. In August, BMW had decided to recall its cars from Europe and Asia. Some Asian countries were selected. Around 48,000 vehicles were decided for a call back. BMW had also issued a formal apology in South Korea because of the defects which were found in the cars dispatched. These defects became the cause of fire. BMW after the reports started to inspect other diesel models. After the detailed inspection a minimal risk was found. This risk could have caused fire in the exhaust of the recalled cars.

The latest recall shows that the total number of cars which are affected are 1.6 million in number around the world. BMW cars are well praised in a specific community. There are consumers around the world who love the German made cars. They believe that these cars are durable and have better engine. A customer seeks durability and maintainability in any product which he purchases.

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