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Black man to face 6-years-prison in Georgia’s Jail despite jury proving him “Not Guilty”

Written by Wamiq Ali

Georgia’s Judge overrules the jury decision of “not guilty” to imprison Ramad Chatman in an unusual legal case. Ramad Chatman, labelled as a black man by media, was not found guilty of armed robbery. However, the judge overruled the decision and told him that he is going to spend 6 years in prison since he has breached some rules of his probation sentence period.

In 2014, Ramad Chatman handed himself over to police after he came to know that he is a prime suspect in an armed robbery. The robbery had taken place in Georgia at a convenience store. Janice Chatman, his grandmother, told media that he turned himself in just because he knew he wasn’t guilty. Ramad was already serving a 5-year probation term for his first ever offence of breaking into an apartment and stealing a television. Probation is like a court order, which is served outside prison through fines and community service.

He was suspected in an armed robbery, after the shop manager, where the robbery took place, spotted his picture on Facebook. The eye-witness confirmed him again after having a look at his license card picture. In November 2015, the Ramad Chatman gave himself to authorities, now we aren’t sure why it took so long for police to find him and too late for him to turn to the police.

It is also told that Ramad tried to enter Alford plea, in order to drop his armed robbery charges and rather get charged with aggravated assault. However, the judge refused the Alford plea, case was heard before a jury. The jury, later on, found him innocent but then judge decided to overrule the decision. The decision came with a 6-years of sentence in Georgia’s prison. The reason was his violation during the probation period.

However the point being, police never recovered any weapon in his possession, stolen money or any other evidence which may connect him to the robbery case, but still, he is being given a 6 years prison. Grandmother says to the media that he never violated his probation period and instead he followed every order with care. She further added that when her grandson was not proven guilty then he should have been allowed to walk away free.

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