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Black Comcast Worker reported to Police for merely doing his job, Police drew guns on him!

Written by Wamiq Ali

A Comcast worker was reported to police last week for just doing his job. He was trying to find some underground wires and some neighbour thought him peeking through windows. Someone took him a thief and called the police to get him arrested.

I don’t understand, how someone could make a judgement about anyone who was merely doing his job. One might think that the guy could have been mistaken as a thief, but no, there was no chance. Comcast worker was in the red Comcast uniform and he had a van too, and people must know the van too was labelled with Comcast.

Poor guy was quite shocked to learn that he had been reported as a thief to the police. The police came and pulled out guns on him. He got ticketed or not, is a different story, but definitely, he suffered emotional pain.

A screenshot of the Facebook post

Police asked him to put his hands up, after arriving at his service location. He refused and they told him that he had been looking through windows and was trying to steal stuff. Definitely, it was a sad funny moment for the guy.

Once it was posted on Twitter, the name of the guy was cropped out of the image. People started to give one-sided reactions to the story, it got hashtagged as BlackLivesMatter. Dirigo1820 retweeted the tweet with rather one-sided comments on the situation.

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