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Bizarre video showing Dobby-like creature walking down a driveway goes viral

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A social media user, Vivian Gomez uploaded a queer video on Facebook which happened to be altogether strange and had a semblance of the famous Dobby character which appeared in the Harry Potter movies. The elf-like-creature was filmed in the driveway and it was taken by the security camera of the house of the woman. The video just went viral on the social media, as everyone knows that social media has a thing for the strange content. Watch the short version of video, as uploaded by People, below:

The original post shared by the woman obtained 34,000 reactions and more then 118,000 shares. The people who commented below the post were of the opinion that the creature appeared to be Dobby-like. On Twitter someone joked that why would Dobby-like person appear at 3am in a state like he just stumbled out of the bar.

Someone pointed out that the way Dobby was raising his arms, it appeared that he was pretty happy to be out in the world. Harry Potter series have ruled the minds of the children for long. The series proved to be quite enjoyable and entertaining for the children and people of every age group. It gave one message that no matter how hard the circumstances are, one has to fight for the right thing. In the end, Harry Potter fought his cause and won over the bad forces. Dobby helped Harry Potter in his endeavours and as a result, Harry Potter freed him from his master.

The series is still popular today on a large scale. The series is very popular here and many of the other movies related to magic are well known around the world. The main character Harry Potter is a very popular character in the series. The fact that his parents had to leave him early, made him a pretty popular character as he strives to find his identity as a wizard. In the last few years the series had been very popular with many people including many kids. Some preferred to read it in the form of books, the novels are a little detailed as compared to the visual movies.

Anyway, getting back to the video, Harry Potter did play some role to make it famous. The thing is, has somebody took a getup of Dobby to fool the others? Especially the house owner? Think..

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