Bizarre ‘Japanese Coffee Commercial’ is breaking internet which converts humans into F1 cars

Written by Wamiq Ali

Japan is famous for producing weird content. Who can expect humans getting converted into F1 cars? Well, this commercial does exactly the same, any person who drinks this particular brand gets converted and considers rolling on a racing track.

Georgia Max Coffee is one miraculous coffee which cuts off your internal procrastinator and gets you right on the track of life. I think this commercial made millions of people think questions like, “What was the producer thinking while filming this commercial?, Was the storyline writer trying to be funny at that moment?”

This ad was filmed by Dentsu Inc. Tokyo. The company found it effective enough to run on national television in Japan. It features a human powered f1 car which takes this coffee as a fuel and then shows the best performance out of the rest of the cars.

This was the best sense which I could make out of this ad, I think it would be better if you listen to my youtube uploaded video, with some critical analysis. Don’t forget to visit TalkOfWeb Channel and hit subscribe.

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