Bizarre Car Park Crash Completely Divides The Internet & Confuses People

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Driving is a privilege and not a right, which is to be earned. Many people do agree with this statement. If we consider it a fact, these two drivers in a parking lot in Perth, Australia should be banned from driving and their licenses should be taken away, after they almost crashed into each other’s vehicle.

At some point of your life you may have come across the phrase ‘couldn’t hit a parked car’, usually said when something has no chance of happening, but in this situation it is absolutely opposite. Video was posted last week of two vehicles almost crashing into each other in an educational institute’s parking spot.

Since the time this video was posted on the social media website Facebook, it has gone viral and sparked a debate about which driver was guilty.

It is possibly the much exciting debate for car insurance companies throughout the planet as they try and figure out if either the person in the white Ford or the black SUV was the one at fault for the almost collision which happened on April 12 this year.

The footage was posted to a Facebook group, ‘PERTH’S WORST DRIVERS’, by former fire and safety officer Mark Warner. He told a media outlet he captured the footage during a drop off at a local school in Perth.

The footage shows the white ford getting into a parking spot at a strange angle while the black SUV was getting parked in reverse in the spot right next to it.

Many on Facebook have been discussing which person was at fault.

Carly Turner supported with the SUV, claiming: ‘The dark car was already moving into the bay. White car clearly never looked or used mirrors.

Sam Pang agreed with Carly, who felt the: ‘White car driver clearly at fault for proceeding without giving way and also crossing the line. If white car reverses not like an idiot there would be no collision.

Likewise, Jack Gibney saw it the other way around, stating it’s the: ‘Perfect reason why the dude in the SUV should have picked the next empty spot!

Although it is strange incident, lucky there were no injuries reported.

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