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Big toe shoes are now fashionable, apparently

Fashion retakes it definition every now and then and it doesn’t fall short of mesmerising us with all the new provisions and options. This time the fashion is about ‘Big Toe Shoes’ which is as weird as the name sounds. You must be really thinking that what actually are the big toe shoes or what this new fashion trend is all about. Well, we also got the traces of this fashion on Instagram and after watching it a little closer, we determined that it’s about to go into trending category.

What does the big toe fashion mean? Well, as the sentence sounds, it means singling out the big toe of the feet using shoes. Well, frankly speaking, I didn’t like the trend. It might seem cool to some, as it comes pretty closer to sandals but with rest of the fingers covered, it feels a little weird.

Imagine if your girl or the woman is wearing such shoes, then what would be your reaction? Obviously, you’d not like it. The shoes are created by Y Project and these are getting sold at £790 which amounts to about $1000. Those who want to get more into details of Y Project are free to Google it and retain some more information in their brains.

However, as I bring this news to you, then kindly have my two cents on the topic. Since, the shoes are pretty costly then I must advice that same amount of money can be used for travelling with some joggers or snickers on, because the amount of comfort which some snickers can provide is at a far away stretch when these Big Toe Shoes are compared.

Vogue reported that the trend is not new, in fact a similar trend was observed during the Martin Margiela’s debut show in 1988. This can also be observed as a reborn fashion of Japanese socks which also have a split toe as compared to the rest of the fingers.

I’m not at a liberty to add more pictures of these toe shoes, Why? Because that would make me feel that I should stop writing a detail about this new trend and just keep this post in a draft. Anyway, not getting carried away, the shoe also has a plus point. Well, your toes are going to remain in an airy position; however, in covered up toes like the above, the separation might feel good to some people.

I can’t say something, because I haven’t tried these shoes. Oh, but Daily Mail, NY Post and other news websites are all talking about this new trend.

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