Bhad Bhabie rebuffs pregnancy rumours post doctor’s visit

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Everyone knows this girl, Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie who has turned into a rapper after gaining fame through television. She made an appearance on the famous Dr Phil show and after that she never looked back. The girl has released rap songs and she is equally being liked amongst the youngsters and teenagers.

A fame at an early stage of life means a quick media exposure. Something similar happened to Bhad Bhabie when she had boarded a flight to Los Angeles from the Fort Lauderdale airport. When the rapper had boarded the flight, she instantaneously started to complaint about stomach cramps. The cramps were so unbearable that she was taken off the flight and taken to the emergency room of the nearby hospital.

In all this situation, the media was quick to jump to conclusion. Some bloggers wrote that Bhad Bhabie was pregnant, therefore, she felt stomach cramps. It has been reported that Bhad Bhabie has been facing these cramps for some time. The doctors had taken her tests and they told her to take rest as they were unable to find anything wrong with her body. However, the media and some circles in people didn’t show restraint to spread rumours about Bhad Bhabie.

Earlier this week, the management of the rapper told the media that she was recovering at a fast pace. The management opined that she’d be totally fine after a short time. Danielle Bregoli rebuffed the stories of her pregnancy and she uploaded a story of her on Instagram with caption, “lol I’m not pregnant wtf where ya’ll come up with this sh**”

Despite the media claims of Bhad Bhabie obtaining her fame through quick means, she somehow maintains to make her way back into the news. Media also loves to show her negative side because her presence just intrigues the audience and a lot of people claim her to be unimportant when in reality she really matters. Now, just look at these rumours of her pregnancy, it shows people do care about Danielle Bregoli.

Anyway, get well soon Bregoli!

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