Bhad Bhabie exposes rapper Trippie Redd by sharing text messages to ruin his reputation

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Many years ago, there was no term known as internet celebrities, however, a couple of years back because of the social media, several people started to go viral. This happened because of the strange content which they produced and its demand in the common public. Internet has a thing that it always makes something go viral which has tad a capacity of being strange. Bhad Bhabie which is also known as Cash me Outside Girl became famous when she made an appearance on the show of the Dr. Phil. Little did she know that it would be a turning point of her life. She further became famous after a meme of her went viral which was related to Cash me Outside girl from the Dr. Phil’s show.

Bhad Bhabie knows how to remain in news

Last year, she released a couple of albums and songs which became viral. She knew how to use her image of the internet celebrity. She cashed all those advantages which come with being a celebrity. Now, she is making her colleague rappers go viral, not in the good terms, be aware. She recently tried to expose Tripie Redd after sharing his messages. Bhad Bhabie seems to do this on purpose, in order to get back into the news. She has also deleted a couple of parts from the leaked conversation, she kept on messages with a similar tone like Come over, Come Alone. She left behind a good majority of the conversation.

Bhad Bhabie released the text messages by writing, “Oh but 69 the one who likes lil girls”.

It also appeared that Bhabie had dated Trippie in the past however she didn’t quite admit to any such rumours. Bhabie claims that the rapper had sent her such messages when he was 19 years old while she was merely 15 at that time. Pretty Serious allegations, hmm!

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