Best Video Chatting Applications for Android

Video chatting has been popular all around the world and it is being used for several purposes that a normal call or a text message won’t make up for. This is the reason why Apple initiated its FaceTime application which is well-known around the world for its quality and ease of use, so if you have an Apple iPad or an Apple iPhone or even an Apple MacBook you are all set for FaceTime but what about those people whom don’t own these devices, or those people who are Android users or even those who would not spend almost $1000 for getting a device that would let him/her get a device merely for the purpose of video chatting or the people who have used FaceTime and they are not amused by the experience?

To all those people this article might prove of value because I am going to go through the best and the most famous video chatting applications for the Android Operating System. The beauty of android Operating System is that it lets you choose among a list of applications. You can move away from one application to another in a matter of a few minutes and this is one of the reasons why people like me prefer Android.

Getting back to the subject matter from the comparison of Android and iOS, let’s get into the applications. Keep reading folks!

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google’s very own video chatting application. Now, there are several reasons why you can use Google Hangouts on your Android Smartphone for video chatting.

First, Google Hangouts comes pre-installed into your android phone. You do not have to go through the process of installing the application and then setting it up to your needs. It saves you a bunch of time and as soon you launch your phone for the first time you can make use of it.

Secondly, Google Hangouts has the ability to synchronize with all the contacts that you have stored on your Android Device from your Gmail Contacts. These Contacts are stored and synchronized every time a new contact is added or deleted from your contacts list on your Android Smartphone. Basically, you will not have to sign up for using the Google Hangouts.

Third, Google Hangouts is not just restricted to Video Chatting, you can use it for text messaging and sharing of media as well. It is always nice to have an application that can do several things for you than just doing one or two.

Last but not the least, the Google Hangouts are completely free, except for the cellular texting of course. You can send your friends and family text messages for free if they happen to use a Google Hangouts on their Android Smartphones.



Whether you are on iOS or Android Operating System, I am sure you must have heard about Viber if you haven’t used it yet. Viber started off as a well-known texting application and voice calls over the internet. Over the year, Viber has added several goodies into the application, such as, you can send messages, stickers, photos/videos, voice messages and even your location.

As long as video calling is concerned, you can send a pre-recorded video to the other person or you can make a live call. The application does not have any dedicated video calling feature, instead, it allows the user to activate video once the voice call is initiated.

There is not much bad to say about this Application when it comes to Android, but at times it seems to be confusing, due to the fact that the features are in bloated within the application. You would find the same feature in multiple areas of the application, making it look lousy at times.



If you are one of those people who would prefer just a single feature in an application, but you want that feature to be served in the simplest ways possible then you blind folded pick the Imo application on your Android Smartphone.

Like the previous applications, Imo also lets you send text messages, stickers and making video calls, but with Imo everything is so pleasant and easy to use that if you get used to Imo you would never want to step back from it. You just need an Android Smartphone and a Wi-Fi or Cellular data connection for the magic to happen. This application totally deserves a thumbs up for its simplicity, users who make video calls on a regular basis would never turn away from this application once they start using it.

There is an issue that users of the application have been reported which I at least consider a strength of the application, the contacts that are viewed within the application are all the users that use Imo. The problem is that users prefer hiding the contacts they don’t contact on a regular basis and for now this feature is missing on Imo. My take on the topic is that, where you are getting all the good things there is always space for a few things missing.



This is comparatively newer application and is not a dedicated video chatting application, rather it does not allow live video chatting, but the features it provides does make space for it under this heading.

Glide allows you to send and receive 5-min videos whenever you want, wherever you want, long as you have an internet connection of course. With Glide you would receive a video just like an instant message and you can view it and comment on the video once you find a moment out of your busy schedule. The response of the application is so abrupt that until you get tired Glide would keep sending and receiving videos and media for you.

The basic idea behind this application is that you can always respond to your video chats when you can find time. You do not have to set a meeting for a video chat, instead you can just do it whenever you feel like.