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Best sites to watch movies online

Many of us are very fond of movies but watching a movie by going into cinema or buying the DVD is very inconvenient and orthodox way. Now a days, as everybody has an access to the internet connection so that one can download the movies. But if the option of watching the movie in a very good quality online using movie streaming is available then who needs to download the movies. There are many websites that have a huge databases full of high quality movies that you can watch online. All you need is a good quality and consistent internet connection. Here few of these websites are discussed that are stated in the list under the tag of best sites to watch movies online.

1- Crackle:


Crackle may be the one of the best sites to watch movies online. This is because they have formed a collaboration with the Sony Pictures and they have hundreds of full length movies available on their website.  There are so much big name movies that you can enjoy there. You are going to enjoy a perfect quality movies irrespective of resolution of your screen. One little hitch is that you have to watch through a few of the commercial once you have started the movie. You just have to bear some of the commercial during the movie but these are very short.

2- Popcornflix:


It is another great place to watch movies online. They have the constant flow of the upcoming movies and they have a formed a collaboration with Screen Media Ventures that means that new movies are constantly being added all the time. They have over 1500 movies which includes movies from all genre like horror, action, thriller, drama, comedy Etc. one of the main advantage on this website is that there is no need of any account or membership. You just need to select the movie and hit play button to enjoy.

3- Snag films:


This is another website in the list of best sites to watch movies online. It has a catalogue of over 10000 movies from which you can select any of them by using different search options like search by genre, recently added, most popular, most viewed. This website requires to signing in first before watching a movie. You can also connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Google+ or twitter. In that way you can get to know of your friends that which movie they are watching on snag films.

4- Classic Cinema Online:


This is one of a kind in its own way. It houses only a few movies at a time. But on this website you can watch the silent movies from the old age where you can enjoy the performance of classical stars like Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor. It hosted the movies from YouTube where different companies can upload their movies. Mostly movies are in 240p but some of the movies are also present in higher quality.

5- Free Movies Cinema:


This is another famous website for watching the movies online. You can watch different movies which are divided into different categories like action, adventure, thriller, fantasy, and comedy Etc. along with the free movies you can also watch dozen of free TV shows. The video quality ranges from 144p to 720p and 1080p from which you can chose any of them depending upon the internet connection you have. You can stay up-to-date with the new movies by using their RSS feed.

6- Voeh:


Voeh is different than other ‘best sites to watch movies online’ in a way that rather than the new movies from the Hollywood its catalogue contain old classical movies. You can find movies of different genre like drama, comedy, romance, crime, fantasy, mystery. Most of the movies are in standard quality but for some of the movies you can select the higher quality resolution. Movies can be sorted according to different filters like date added, most viewed.

7- Viewster:


It is one of the Best sites to watch movies online. It has a fairly large database of free movies that you can watch online. It allows you to choose movies from a certain actor or actress which is a very convenient feature.  In addition to movies it also provide you the opportunity to watch the TV shows online. It also provides you app for different devices like Apple, HP, and Samsung.

8- YouTube:


YouTube is not only for watching the videos of different absurd things or the trailer of the upcoming movies. It is now one of the free site to watch movies. You can enjoy the full length movies on YouTube without any commercial break. The quality of the video ranges from 144p to 1080p. it is not necessary to register on YouTube for  watching movie but registering will be required to watch some movies that are categorized for certain maturity level. Signing up is free for YouTube.

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